New vinyl now shipping! – The best in Jazz from Greg Spero and Glenn Ferris

Two new Jazz albums now shipping from the SoundScapes Media Group!

ANIMAL LOVE – the acclaimed double-album from the Glenn Ferris Italian Quintet, available for the first time on vinyl

Lovers of Jazz who prefer listening on vinyl will not be dissapointed with this first issue of Glenn Ferris’ acclaimed double album “Animal Love”.

The opening seconds of Animal Love, seduce us with howls of something all at once both feral and familiar.

The title track is an homage to the animal kingdom, to its primal pulse, and inherently creative energy. It is the first love letter of the record, and primes the listener for what is to come.

In an album that celebrates blues, jazz, animals, travel, exploration, spontaneity, and passion, perhaps the most precious love letter it writes is to the people we meet along the way, who make our heart songs possible.

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ACOUSTIC – the extraordinary album by jazz piano virtuoso Greg Spero, available for the first time on vinyl

Available for the first time on audiophile 180g vinyl and sourced from the original 2011 master tapes, SoundScapes Media Group has released the “Acoustic” album by keyboardist/composer Greg Spero in collaboration with his Tiny Records label.

The album features Makaya McCraven on drums and Matt Ulrey on upright bass.

Greg Spero is a pianist and entrepreneur from Chicago and he is more than just a jazz pianist. He is an entertainer.

He toured with Halsey for 3 years, performing in arenas worldwide and on most late-night TV shows in the US. His fusion band Spirit Fingers is world-renowned as one of the rising supergroups in jazz.

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